Sony Sells 1 Million PlayStation 4’s in 24 Hours – That Means 4k Bricked Consoles

Written by Austin Griffith

Just announced by Shuhei Yoshida via his Twitter (@yosp), Sony has sold over one million (1,000,000) PlayStation 4 consoles in North America.

This far overshadows Sony’s PlayStation 3 launch, which had only shipped one million consoles two months into it’s lifecycle. This means that in total, over 400 Million dollars have been spent on the PlayStation 4 console alone in the first 24 hours – certainly an achievement to be proud of. With the holiday season just around the corner, that number is sure to inflate as gamers try their best to track down the new console.

With the Xbox One just around the corner, getting one million units out this early is certainly great tidings for PlayStation, as that’s at least one million gamers who decided to get the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, or just the PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, this news isn’t all good.

Considering the fact that many PlayStation 4’s have been arriving to gamers with the “Blue Light of Death” – a deadly defect in the PlayStation 4 that is causing systems to overheat, refuse to turn on, fail to display image, turn off intermittently, and a slew of other problems – Sony has stated they expect that approximately .4% of PS4 Units will be defective. A small percentage, no? Unfortunately not. With even a percentage as small as .4, that means that at the very least, 4,000 PlayStation 4’s will be arriving to gamers defective. With many disgruntled gamers claiming Sony has given them a 6-8 week wait time to have them replaced, this is a very big problem.

With the system not even our worldwide yet, we have yet to see how truly widespread this issue is to become. Hopefully Sony can put a stop to the faulty units before the system hits shelves worldwide – or face an even bigger epidemic.

4,000 gamers are going to drop a minimum of four hundred dollars on a system that they very well may not be able to play until the beginning of January 2014. Hopefully this percentage is lower then Sony originally told us, but with Amazon putting a block on the selling of PS4’s and Sony having to halt production on the consoles, this doesn’t sound like a very good time to be a PlayStation gamer.

Did your PS4 come dead on arrival? Let us know in the comments.

[My tired brain originally calculated .4% of 1m as 400k. The math has since been corrected and I have determined that I shouldn’t be doing math at 6AM after not sleeping all night.]

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