Skyrim DLC PS3 Official Release Date Announced

Playstation fans thought it would never come, but it finally has. DLC for Skyrim is finally arriving on the Playstation and, as of last report, going to be half off in lieu of the lengthy release schedule.

Bethesda Game Studios, via their twitter, just announced the release dates, they are as follows-

Dragonborn 2/12

Hearthfire on 2/19

Dawnguard on 2/26

PS3 Dates: Dragonborn confirmed for 2/12 release in N. America. Hearthfire on 2/19. Dawnguard on 2/26. Still waiting on dates for Europe.

So still no luck for Europe, but it will hopefully be soon. Still no real news on an update that fixes the myriad of problems with the PS3 version either.

What do you think? Is it too late? If you played Skyrim on PS3 have you already put it down? Would you pick it back up for this DLC? Let us know in the comments.