The Shovel Knight Soundtrack is available for download

Written by Chris Lock

Many of you just picked up Shovel Knight and many of you enjoyed it. I for one could not have been happier with the game. It is so full of mirth and merriment that it is hard not to play with a goofy grin adorning your face.

Part of what made the game so awesome was the music, which is now available for download! You can get the entirety of the original soundtrack here.

There is also an album with more-than-8-bit arrangements of the Shovel Knight jams. That one can be found here.

Both albums can be bought for any price, even free if you want. The original Shovel Knight soundtrack was created by Jake Kaufman who also did music for Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2 and Bloodrayne: Betrayal. The soundtracks to those games are available for download as well.

I have been a fan of 8-bit music my entire life though few games get it right. Recently the only games to make me track down the soundtracks have been Shovel Knight and Scoot Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. They both just had something about them that seemed far and above every other retro styled game music.

My favorite track on the Shovel Knight OST is Strike the Earth. Let us know yours in the comments!

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