Shots Fired, Shots Fired – Sony’s Latest PS4 Ad Starts the Console Wars [Update – Fake]

Written by Austin Griffith

Here’s Sony’s latest advertisement for the upcoming PlayStation 4. Smell that? That’s a console war brewing. Let’s hope Microsoft stoops to Sony’s level on this one, especially with both consoles coming out right around the same time.

“We will use your TV as well” the blue tinged ad starts “For gaming”. Poking fun at Xbox One’s light offering of games thus far. It’s a dangerously bold tactic… I love it.

This is fake and made by NeoGaf users. I’ve gone ahead and compiled all of the best ads they’ve created. Ad your own in the comments!

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Here is the template to create your own!




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  • Aurum

    sony should have used these

  • ThePokeMaster

    These are fan-made ads. Kinda funny, still.

  • Bidoof

    No fact checking and an inflammatory headline? Someone get this man a position at Kotaku.

  • fgjgfj

    Professional gaming journalism.

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