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Review: AiRace Speed – Crash and Burn

Written by Matt Curione

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Accelerate. Crash. Crash. Turn. Crash. Accelerate. Crash. Scream. Accelerate. Toss 3DS. Scream. Brake. Accelerate. Repeat. Flying through an underground world at 500mph, trying not to crash and improving your time; that is what AiRace Speed is all about. It’s also about frustration, which is something that you are almost certain to experience during your playthrough.

AiRaceSpeed1AiRace Speed, from developer QubicGames, is basically a series of increasingly difficult and challenging speed runs taking place in a future world where all that matters is how fast you are. The third game in the AiRace series, Speed features some nice level design and a handful of ships that are all sleek looking, which is surprising for a budget title.

As with most mobile games, getting a three star rating at the end of each level is the key to acing the levels. To be honest I was disappointed to see this trope of gaming rear its head in this title. The concept of 3-Star ratings has been beaten into the ground recently with the glut of mobile games available these days. The rating system in Speed could have been more streamlined with a simple time score.

Controls are great, as long as you’re not trying to make any quick movements. The CirclePad is the proffered control method though you can opt for the D-Pad. I can’t recommend it however since the game gets really frantic at times, basically requiring analog controls. That’s the inherent problem with Speed, the CirclePad is calibrated with a very loose feel which can be anger-inducing when the levels get insane, as they tend to be.

It’s strange that AiRace clearly seems to go for a Wipeout aesthetic but without other ships to race against it is a moot point. The lack of actual racingAiRaceSpeed2 is a huge letdown for a game that embraces speed. Sure there’s leaderboards to climb and the goal of getting a better star rating, but in a game where speed is king, what’s the point? That’s a question I asked myself repeatedly throughout my time playing this release. Why? To tell it truthfully, I’ve spent numerous hours with AiRace Speed and I still couldn’t tell you.

AiRace Speed is a competent game but nothing more. As you can see, I was constantly let down by numerous aspects of this title from start to finish and couldn’t find much to recommend. Sure it looks pretty for a $5 dollar game, but there are better, more complete experiences to be found on the eShop.

Ai Race Speed – 4.5 / 10 [easyreview title=”” cat1title=”Graphics 7/10” cat1detail=”” cat1rating=”7/10″ cat2title=”Gameplay 4/10” cat2detail=”” cat2rating=”4/10″ cat3title=”” cat3detail=”” cat3rating=”” summary=””]

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