Reflections On A Save Crystal Episode 10

Written by Chris Lock

Well how are you? We are fine, yeah… just fine. You like games right? Well we talk about them a whole bunchie! This includes but is not limited to Assassins Creed 3, Pokemon, Magrunner, Adventures of Shuggy, and The Walking Dead Episode 2. WARNING: We spoil the crap out of The Walking Dead. Chris tried his hardest to keep the spoilers down but Austin just wanted to give you all Names, Dates, Relations, and Social Security Numbers of characters. So if you don’t want it spoiled just skip to the music after you hear the warning.

The Reflection this episode was short and sweet. Raven Still complained about its length though.

Difficulty in games. Do we need a hard mode, an easy mode? Has gaming moved beyond the point for separate modes?

If you want to be part of the show then send an email to RoSC@LevelSave.com

First Song was Geno’s Maze (Frost Version) by DLXRevolution

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