Preorder Destiny at Select Retailers and Receive Access to the Destiny Beta

Written by Austin Griffith

Update: Looks like this is just about confirmed. The news page reveals the following in its page source code:

“< div id=”atvi-text-569261” >    <p>Pre-order Destiny at select retailers and receive admission to the Destiny Beta. Play it first. Become Legend.</p>”

That seems to be confirmation as good as any. Judging by that, preordering Destiny will most definitely grant you beta access on your console of choice. It would be silly for such a large company to launch a huge game and not do a stress test on the servers anyway. Bungie also previously did a public beta for Halo: Reach to test things out, so this certainly isn’t anything abnormal for them. This is monumental news to fans of Destiny and Bungie alike.

As for when the beta will launch, we still don’t know. We’ll continue to update as news rolls out.

Original post below:

The Destiny fans over at Reddit have discovered something very interesting over on Destiny’s official website.

Users of the website who tried to access the sites “news” page via an abnormal link were greeted with a broken, improperly formatted page, at the top of which shows a new link to a “Beta” page. The link, which is currently dead and points to nothing, appears to be an early sign that Bungie will be releasing a beta of the upcoming game soon. This would make sense considering that Bungie has been calling for signups of its User Research Beta Program recently via its Facebook and Twitter. Considering this is sure to be a multi-million dollar triple-A title being published simultaneously on four different consoles at once, a public (or private) beta is definitely something Bungie needs to make sure there are no terrible hiccups on launch date.

Destiny, Bungie’s first non-Halo game in over 12 years, is being published by Activision.

I’ve Reached (get it?) out to Bungie and Activision for any comment, and will report back if and when I hear from them.

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