PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online Headed to PlayStation 4, Will Remain Free-to-Play

Written by Adam Shear

Sony Online Entertainment has announced today that two of its biggest MMOs are going to appear on PlayStation 4.

The first is PlanetSide 2, an FPS that allows thousands of players to participate in large scale battles with their own customized soldiers.

The second is DC Universe Online, an action MMO which allows players to create their own superheroes and choose whether to fight for good or for evil in the DC Comics universe.

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley had this to say about the two ports:

“Players are evolving and want a variety of ways to access and play games. Our goal is to deliver epic gaming experiences that players crave while harnessing the awesome power and technology of this incredible new platform. We are thrilled to bring two of our most popular free-to-play games to PS4.”

PlanetSide 2 is currently available on PC while DC Universe Online is available now on both PC and PlayStation 3.  The PlayStation 4 versions of both games will remain free-to-play.

The PlayStation 4 versions of PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online will launch later this year.  Two new trailers for the games are available to watch below.

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