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Adam’s E3 2013 Predictions Part 1: Microsoft

Written by Adam Shear

For those who are unaware, I believe this is my fourth consecutive year writing ahead of time about what to expect from the big three video game console manufacturers at E3, the world’s largest video game expo.  If you are a gamer, you have been counting down the days to this event.  When E3 starts next week, the biggest news from the video game industry this year will arrive all at once.  Expect to see new games, expect to be surprised, and expect your mouth to water as the press and public get their first real glimpses at next generation titles as well as new titles for the current generation of consoles.

In part one, I’ll be covering what I expect Microsoft to show off for both Xbox 360 and the newly announced Xbox One.

Microsoft is the first up to the plate next week and they have already stated their plans for E3.  While they will talk about Xbox 360, the obvious focus is going to be on the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next generation console due out this Holiday season.  E3 represents the second part of Microsoft’s plan to reveal Xbox One to the world.  Part one, which took place on May 21, showcased the system’s built in features for entertainment. Microsoft did not speak much about games during this event, but promised E3 would be the place for games.

At the May 21 unveiling, Microsoft gave an actual number for games they plan to publish through their in house studios.  Within the first year of Xbox One, Microsoft Studios will publish 15 games, eight of which are brand new franchises.  Out of these 15 games, three have already been announced:

  • Forza Motorsport 5 (Turn 10 Studios)
  • Quantum Break (Remedy Entertainment)
  • Ryse (Crytek)

This leaves 12 games left, six of which are brand new franchises.  Should we expect all 12 games to be revealed at their press conference?  Probably not.  I would assume it would be smart to hold back some announcements back for later dates.  No matter what though, I believe Microsoft’s biggest trump cards will make an E3 appearance.  Below are my predictions as to what Microsoft will announce and show off:

Extremely Likely:

  • First gameplay footage of Forza Motorsport 5 and Quantum Break will be unveiled
  • New trailer for Ryse, probably gameplay as well
  • Rare’s new game for Xbox One will be announced, most likely will be a sequel to either Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie or Conker
  • Xbox One games aimed at casual market will be unveiled
  • Harmonix to show off a live gameplay demonstration of Fantasia: Music Evolved (its gameplay debut will be on GameTrailers TV on 6/5)
  • One of Microsoft’s new IPs for Xbox One will involve zombies (I have heard multiple rumors about this)
  • New trailer for Fable: Anniversary Edition for Xbox 360 will debut
  • New games for Xbox 360 will be announced (pretty unpredictable what they might be, but I’m guessing there will be at least two)
  • I would expect Microsoft to debut at most eight Xbox One games during their E3 press conference, including the three already announced.

Pretty Likely:

  • Crackdown sequel to be announced for Xbox One
  • Update on Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • New system update for Xbox 360, adding new features
  • More information on the Halo television series alongside another Xbox One TV show being announced
  • Respawn’s first game will debut at Microsoft’s E3 press conference


  • Xbox One release date and price will be announced

Not Likely at All:

  • Lionhead Studios will reveal new game for Xbox One
  • Microsoft will spend more than 15 minutes talking about entertainment on Xbox One
  • New Halo game for Xbox One to be announced

Are my predictions correct?  Watch Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference live on Monday June 10th at 12:30pm EST.  There will be plenty of places online to watch it and it will be viewable on Spike TV as well.  If you want to add your own predictions, feel free to comment.  Stay tuned for part two coming later this week which will cover what Sony will bring to E3.

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