PAX Prime 2013 Passes Already Sold Out

Written by Austin Griffith

Well, this is a shocker. Just hours after the release of the badges, all of them except for Monday are sold out. While it seems many of these were to scalpers who know how much money they can make off of it, it’s still appalling.

Right now the PAX website admits you into a queue to buy passes, stating that all passes except for Mondays are sold out. That’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and 4 day passes, already gone. A  quick eBay search shows multiple listings for all of the badges already reaching hundreds of dollars. It seems that those who want to attend this year will either have to scalp them outside of the event or spend quadruple the price online.

If you’re still interested, you can buy a badge for the last day of the convention, Monday, at the official site for $30. Godspeed, they probably won’t last long.

(Side note: don’t give your badge to someone when you leave the convention and don’t plan on returning, they scalp it to the unsespecting)

Are you planning on attending PAX? Did you manage to score a pass in the madness earlier today? Let us know in the comments.

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