PAX East 2014 Is Upon Us!

Written by Matt Curione

PAX East is finally here and LevelSave will be covering it like a comfy, feather-filled blanket. Reviews Manager, Austin Griffith and I are in Boston for the next three days and we’ll be bringing you all the news your brain can handle. So definitely stay tuned to LevelSave for the next few days to learn more about Bacon Man, The Evil Within, Evolve, Hotline Miami 2, Noir Syndrome and a mountain of other games.

Seriously though, we played a game called Bacon Man. It’s a real thing and it’s showing great potential, plus it stars a man made out of a delightful breakfast meat. Check back soon for a full preview.




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Lifelong gamer from the Garden State. From Atari 2600 to the Wii U...He's seen some things and had some radical adventures along the way. You can follow him on Twitter @TheRealMattC or e-mail him directly via Matt@LevelSave.com.

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