Our Highest and Lowest Rated Games of 2012

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Written by Barry Villatoro

As we go through the last stages of our Game of the Year picks. I decided to go back through to see what we at LevelSave rated some of the games this year. It made me realize just how many great games came out this year and, how many of these great games I have yet to play. I mean, I just don’t think you can actually play all the good games that come out in one year, it’s almost not possible anymore. Not if you actually have to leave the couch, at least.

What was most surprising to me was that fact that many of our highest rated games came from indie developers. Journey, Fez, FTL, Mark of the Ninja, all were done by smaller studios and all have received high praise. Then there were the games that didn’t do so well. Many games received scores under a 6 this year, some that I had high hopes for. Below you will find our highest and lowest rated games of 2012. Each game is linked to its review if you want a more in-depth look at it.

Lowest Rated Games

I Am Alive  – 4

Jam Live Music Arcade – 4

Tryst – 4

Amy – 4.5

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad -4.5

Mad Riders – 5

Bloodforge – 5.5


Highest Rated Games

Darksiders 2 – 9.5

Diablo III – 9.5

FTL – 9.5

Sound Shapes – 9.5

Mass Effect 3 – 9.5

Mark of the Ninja – 9.5

Mincraft XBLA – 10

FEZ – 10

Journey – 10

Legend of Grimrock – 10

That’s what we have for 2012. Our Game of the Year is still coming, it’s just hard to get everyone’s opinion with us all being on different schedules. So save your “favorites” for that article, tell us, what are your least favorite games of 2012?

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  • ArcadesRfun

    I thought I Am Alive would have been good. But never played it.

    I thought Diablo3 would be much lower, as even die-hard Blizzard fans hated it. But then again, Blizzard is getting a lot of hate now because their best designers are all working on ‘Titan.’ So their games have taken a hit for sure.

  • IamWeapon

    Darksiders 2, FTL and Mark of the Ninja are on my list of games to play.

  • Jam Live Music Arcade was a game that was laced with the cocaine of frustration and the PCP of mediocrity.

  • I was too easy on Amy…

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