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NYCC 2013: Super Mario 3D World Hands-On Preview [With Video]

Written by Austin Griffith

Matt and I had the chance to get our hands on Nintendos latest addition to the Mario Bros. franchise, Super Mario 3D World, this past weekend at New York Comic Con 2013. While neither of us were able to use the gamepad during our play session, we both agreed that we loved the taste this game left in my mouth.

During the short one level demo, I was given Princess Peach to play. From what I understand, each character has different speeds and abilities, with Peach being the slowest character, but given the ability to float in mid air using her dress. The controls on the game were tight and easy to understand, the the Wii U made SM3DW look beautiful in full HD – something which truly surprised me. 3D World’s biggest draw is its new ability. Players of older Mario games will certainly remember Mario’s Tanookie suit, something which is replaced this time around with a new, better ability: cat ears.

Picking up a bell in 3D World transforms your character into a cat, completely changing the way you interact with the world. Cats can climb walls, jump higher, run faster, and attack enemies without having to jump on them… and c’mon, they’re cats! Being a cat was certainly the most enjoyable part of 3D World, but that’s not to say the game doesn’t have that Super Mario charm that we know and love.

The levels are fun, pop with color, have the perfect amount of gameplay and puzzle element, and never lag on too long and allow you to get bored.

If you’re looking for a more in depth look at Super Mario 3D World, check out our hands-on impressions video below.

I should also note this is only my second time ever playing a Wii U, the first time being at PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle.

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