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Munitio Making Waves [Updated]

Written by James Rock


In late 2009, Munitio introduced themselves to the world, out of nowhere. A self proclaimed “precision sound company”, specializing in lifestyle electronic accessories. Let’s be honest, in 2009 you probably didn’t even know that Munitio actually existed. What put them on the map then, and ultimately gave the small company a chance to prove their ability to blow large competitors out of the water, was the release of their Billet series in 2011. The Munitio Billet was a bullet shaped headphone with revolutionary silicon buds, which greatly reduced ear fatigue, something other companies have been and currently are struggling with. Since then it has been replaced by it’s big brother the Nine (still bullet shaped). Munitio scored a licensing contract with Activision to release a Modern Warfare 3 edition of the Billet in 2011 as well, skyrocketing Munitio from small guy to “that guy”, starting their track record for extraordinary products that make music sound different; making music sound the way it is supposed to, not just “normal” and “radio quality”. Later, the company released the PRO40 in autumn of 2013 after a company acquisition with Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc earlier in 2011[1]. Today, Munitio has taken the reigns of their company again, solely ready to take the next step and once again redefine music.


munitio team

Munitio has launched a Kickstarter page to crowdfund their newest addition to their PRO line up, the PRO30 (complimenting the PRO40). With a smaller music smack loving dedicated team at the reigns, they want to convince you that they can turn your music routine into something euphoric. From their previous headphone releases, they have more than enough Klout to do that. The PRO30 is going to do what the PRO40 couldn’t do, become a portable studio quality over-ear headphone so you can rock out to your beats, immerse yourself in Jupiter Ascending (we all know you are watching it because of Mila Kunis), and let the soundtrack and effects of your game blow you away— because you have never heard it like this.

Here’s what makes the PRO30 different:

  • With a high-strength titanium membrane, the PRO30 will be able to produce high volume sound without any distortion.
  • Rare-earth neodymium magnets facilitate strong thundering sound for your powerful drops in bass.
  • For crisp vocals, an oxygen-free copper voice coil “forces membrane oscillation by converting electrical signal into motive force with near zero signal loss”.
  • Munitio’s signature precision acoustic filter; what gives it that Munitio difference.
  • 8-12 hour battery life
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity (up to 2 devices)
  • Only 1/2 a pound


With a month left in their Kickstarter campaign, they have already reached half of their $125,000 goal. If they reach their production goal, they are looking at an August through September shipping release. While it’s hard to get behind something you can’t hear, let Daniel Massaro, Founder + CEO of Munitio drop a few words and tell you what they are all about.

We’re totally behind Munitio and their mission to make music better. We’re even happier that their products are universally compatible with our gaming systems and mobile devices. Although, we are just waiting to see a pretty sweet gaming headset from them so we can not only hear our enemies, but feel sexy while doing so.You can back this project on Kickstarter here.

Update 03/01/2015: Munitio reached their goal of 125,000 dollars, now at 144,000 dollars with 28 days to go in their campaign.

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[1] Bloomberg.com (BB) http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=113523210

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