Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Demo Now Available for Xbox Live Gold Members

Written by Barry Villatoro

If you’ve had the need to use your Kinect lately here’s a reason, the Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth Demo is now available for Xbox Live gold members. Marvel Avengers takes place during the Secret Invasion story line and allows you to take control of some of your favorite super heroes. Silver members of Xbox Live will be able to download the demo next week. Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth releases on Oct 30th and for the Wii U this holiday season.

Download the demo here.


During the demo, players will travel back in time to the iconic tropical preserve The Savage Land, a hidden region surrounded by volcanoes and prehistoric creatures , for a single player ‘Best of 3’ battle to defend the Marvel Universe. Using their full body to punch, kick and dodge enemy attacks, players will unleash the devastating power of The Hulk and lay down the legendary Mjolnir (hammer) as Thor against the Super Villain duo of Captain America Skrull and Magneto.

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