Major Nelson Teasing Halo 2 Anniversary? A Halo 5 ARG? I Love Bees 2.0?

Written by Austin Griffith

Major Nelson is, well, quite frankly he’s toying with us. He’s tweeted something peculiar a bit ago: a tease back to the I Love Bees campaign. In case you don’t know, I Love Bees was a viral marketing campaign launched prior the launch of Halo 2 that served as an alternate reality game to hype up the launch. While I personally wasn’t around to experience it, it was one of the best ARG’s in history, gaining 250,000 views – a boatload in 2004.

Anyway, nine days ago Major Nelson tweeted us this little nugget:

Harmless enough right? Well, we then have the following response from Quinn DelHoyo, one of the team members at 343 Industries…

After that, a response to MajorNelson came with “Is this the start of I Love Bees 2.0?” and the following response from Major and the Social Marketing Manager at Xbox – as in, the guy who would handle viral (read: social) marketing.

Coincidental? A joke? Maybe. Funnily enough, though, this year marks Halo 2’s ten year anniversary which also puts this year as a great year for Halo 2 Anniversary – a game Halo fans have been very anxious to see come to fruition. This could be many things other than a Halo 2 Anniversary ARG though. Microsoft and 343 could be rebooting I Love Bees for round 2 to hype up Halo 5, which wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Either way, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information.

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  • Halo 2 anniversary, and Halo 5 being teased? What a stretch that is. Anyone care to explain how simple bee talk means Halo is coming?

      • Still a stretch, for all we know it’s just being used again for Halo 5, something they would call “a return to glory”. I know where it came from, I just doubt we’ll be getting it. They seemed pretty anti Halo 2 remake back a few years ago, and now they’re working on Halo 5, I doubt they’d even have time to make it to the 10 year anniversary.

          • But we know Halo 5 is coming this year. So anything like this is retarded for Halo 5. Doing something like that would be lame. “WOAH THIS LOVE BEES 2 THING MEANS HALO 5 IS COMING” to which i would say, “o rly?” BUT since there’s is no news on H2 Anniversary it would only make sense that this is for a H2 remake.

          • The studio is probably stretched thin to complete Halo 5 as it is, they’ll miss the anniversary, and have two conflicting Halo titles released around the same time. It’s just something they wouldn’t do, from a business stand point at least.

          • actually microsoft refuses to confirm its halo 5 that theyre working on so.. it could just be a really good halo 2 anniversary remake.

          • They admit Halo 5, just not that it’s called Halo5.. stating they haven’t named it “officially” yet. They have admitted to and say it releases this year.

          • Look at the armor in the trailer, not to mention the giant Forrunner machine, it’s clearly a next in the series, not a remaster.

          • Well you’re a troll from N4G no doubt, but thanks for updating me on Halo 2’s birthday, I forgot how to count to ten.

            The studio is working on Halo 5, and they’re probably hard pressed to finish in time with a game that redeems the piece of crap that was Halo 4.

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