Lucius – Live “The Omen”

Written by Taryn Beach

Lucius, a 3D adventure game, is developed by Shiver Games and involves a child that is supposedly the son of Satan.  Born on June 6, 1966, Lucious grows up very normal enjoying the extreme wealth of his parents.  It all turns for the worst on his sixth birthday when the Devil reveals himself as Lucius’ real father in a dream.

Through Lucius, the Devil plans on taking over the world and starts with those immediately around him.  Using tools and equipment found around his home, Lucius must construct intricate crime scenes that look like accidents.  He also has powers like telekinesis and mind control to aid in his devious missions.

Lucius is £19.99 (approx. $32.15) and available digitally on all major online retailers: Steam, GAME and Amazon.  Lucius is fully voiced and subtitled in German and English and includes Russian subtitles.  Spanish and French versions are also available at retail locations in its respective country.


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