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LevelSave’s PAX East Game of Show Award Winners

Written by Austin Griffith

We’re proud to announce the winners of our PAX East Game of Show Awards as well as our PAX East Editor’s Choice award. These games are those that stuck out the most to us out of the hundreds on the show floor, and are what we were most proud to get our hands on during the weekend.


“For combining a wonderfully inviting art style, curiously addictive gameplay, and unique take on the MOBA genre, Gigantic takes this years PAX East crown. Be sure to check out the official Gigantic website where you can sign up to be an Alpha Tester.” Read the full preview here.



“For being the only game in a long, long time to make me laugh out loud, for combining hilarious comedy with quirky, amazing art, and for giving us some of the most fluid turn-based combat we’ve seen since Paper Mario, we were proud to award The Behemoth our Silver PAX East Game of Show award.” Read the full preview here.



For being an innovative new look on a popular genre, giving us some of the most fun we’d had the entire conference, and providing some of the most genuinely interesting lore we’ve seen in a long while, we’re proud to award Harebrained Schemes’ Necropolis our Bronze PAX East Game of Show Award. Read the full preview here.

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