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Knytt Underground FreeSubscribers can now get Knytt Underground Free from Playstation Plus! The story-driven platformer has been available on PSN for a few months now, but will finally be reaching a wide-spread audience as it is sure to see numerous downloads starting today. When the game initially released it was free for PS+ subscribers in the UK. Now it will finally be time for the rabid US fans to get their hands on the title. Following a monster release of Sleeping Dogs on PS+, times are looking pretty good for those who have subscribed.

Here are some of the quotes from Creative Director at Nifflas’ Games- Nicklas Nygren

I’ve always wanted to develop a game that is heavily-story based, but I’ve always waited to do it until I had a story I really want to tell; something personal and different. Problem is, I can’t just decide to come up with such a story whenever I want. It’s an unusual and mysterious process and it kind of just… happens. Knytt Underground is the result of this process. Oh, and it’s also a pretty sweet exploration platform game.

When I designed Knytt Underground, I wanted to come up with a minimal number of mechanics that would allow lots of complex moves and interesting puzzles. By combining a very accurate platform character with a fast-paced bouncing ball and letting the player morph between the two forms at any time, the game got its very simple, yet deep controls. Each form also have some temporary powers like a grappling hook or the ability to fly a small distance. Chaining these different abilities in a single move feels super sweet.

Following the tradition of the previous Knytt games, a lot of the areas in Knytt Underground do not have enemies or dangers. Most of the world is designed to simply be a beautiful place where I hope the player wants to be. Despite the game’s huge world, each area has its own looks, music and atmosphere (which is why the level design alone took a year).

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