How to Get Your Halo 4 Screenshots Off Your Xbox

Written by Austin Griffith

Halo 4 is an excellent game, but that’s not to say its without its flaws (which ill be outlining in my upcoming review). One of these flaws is the fileshare system. It’s broke. It can’t be accessed or uploaded to the Internet at time of writing. Thankfully, your screenshots are safe. Our good friend and creator of the Halo: Reach Challenge Initiative has created a nice little tool to extract all of your Halo screenshots right off your Xbox’s hard drive.

The process is a bit complicated, but he’s written up a in-depth guide here. I’ve taken the liberty of re-xplaining it below.

What you’ll need:

– Xbox HDD + Transfer Kit
– USB Flashdrive formatted as an Xbox Storage Device.

– Halo 4 (duh)
– screenshots taken in Halo 4 saved to the memory location you’ll be using.

– the modding program “Horizon” http://www.xboxmb.com/horizon (Note: LevelSave nor ReachChallenges.org encourages modding of consoles through this program.)

First off, make sure all your screenshots and films are saved on on the location you’ll be connecting to your computer, then follow Kirk’s directions:

“On the right you’ll get a list of files located on the device. Harddrives will have a lot more folders than USB devices, but Horizon should make it easy. Drop down the “Games” folder, then “Halo 4″, and the files within should be your screenshots. Just drag the files into a folder on your computer that you can find later.”

“Now that you’ve got the files on your computer, [download here and then] open up my program, and either click File > Batch, drag the files, or drag the entire folder into the program window. Within a second or two the list should populate with details about the files. You can double click each item in the list to view a preview of the screenshot (click the preview window anywhere to close it). You can save individual screenshots by right clicking, and you can remove selected or inverse selected (all but what’s selected) items from the list. At this point, you can just click Save > Save All and select a folder to output the JPG files to. That’s it. Congratulations, you can now post your awesome screenshots on the internet.”

Simple, right? Now, post your best screenshot for all of us to see below and let us awe in your wonderful spartan sexiness! Be sure to follow @ReachChallenge and give him a hearty thank you for helping out the community.

[This Has Nothing to do With Challenges – ReachChallenges.org]

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  • NoRegrets

    That second link definitely doesn’t work, but you can easily find the program on other forums or variants like it. But once i finally completed the process, i saved some of my own screenshots…

  • Heavenswrath2013

    I’m stuck on infectionist.com am I supposed to be here?

    • I apologize. Unfortunately Halo2Freeek is unable to host the site anymore, thus, the method may not work.

  • Irish Sniper N

    The link appears to be broken/removed.


    my files don’t show up on my USB drive

  • GrimReckoning13

    what can i say ive got a talent ….. thanks for all your help

  • Ben

    Thank you so much!

  • Crimson Flux

    Thanks so much for this guide. I’ve been using it to pull screenshots of my custom map for showcasing; can’t imagine trying to describe it without pictures. You guys are the shizzle…

    • Crimson Flux

      Pics ripped with Horizon/Screenshot Extractor

  • kazumi

    i have my shots on a usb and in my computer but i can’t get horizon to let me view them, help please!

    • Austin

      Shoot a tweet over to @ReachChallenges.

  • Assassin

    is there a way to do this buy with your videos and clips?

    • Assassin


      • Austin

        I’m not sure, inquire with @ReachChallenges on Twitter.


    Thank you!

  • Assassin

    just an assassination

    • WhosoeverJoe


    • Assassin


  • PurpleScales21

    Thank you very much! I had a tonne of shots waiting to be used. :)

    • WhosoeverJoe

      Dang, those are awesome!

  • Thanks! :)

    • Awesome screenshots! Mind if we use some of them?

  • Hdude

    Sorry but i would like to get my screenshots without having my 300 dollar xbox bricked

    • No reason this would brick your xbox. Just copy local screenshot files to your formatted USB stick (tedious), Insert the disk while Horizon is running as administrator, Extract each screenshot files to a folder (tedious), batch save them with the screenshot program.

    • None of this could brick your Xbox, don’t worry!

    • There is absolutely no possibility of bricking your console with this method. You’re doing the exact same thing as you would normally to move save files between consoles, but you’re moving the files to your computer. You’re not even moving them back to the console. As the commenter above me said, the process is a little tedious at the moment, but I have plans to update the program to read directly from a Xbox memory unit at some point in the future.

  • I can’t even figure out how to take a Screenshot to begin with lol!

    • Haha, yeah, it’s a bit confusing.

      • sky

        how do i take screen shots in halo 4 :/ only know how to do it from matchmaking games

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