Hard Reset Gets Free DLC

Written by Raven Poplar

Any fan of arena-style hordes-of-baddies FPS action will probably at least have heard of Hard Reset. As a cyberpunk drudge through increasingly awful situations, this game is pretty frenetic fun.

Our friends over at Flying Wild Hog have just informed us that Free DLC is on it’s way to existing owners of Hard Reset. Entitled Hard Reset: Exile, this download will follow protagonist Major Fletcher into the Barrens where he will surely face waves of varied things out for blood and environmental hazards.

Hard Reset: Exile features:

  • Five new levels outside Bezoar
  • Four new enemy types
  • New boss fight
  • Two new survival maps
  • Additional achievements
  • Hard Reset: Exile is Free to owners of Hard Reset.

I’ve scored some wallpaper-sized images of Major Fletcher as well. Check out the gallery!

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Early Childhood Educator and video game journalist. First console game: California Games for Atari 2600. First PC game: Commander Keen on my IBM 286. I suppose I'm old!

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