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Hands on Preview : Firefall – MMO Free to Play Shooter has big Aspirations *Giveaway*

Written by Taryn Beach

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Firefall has had a pretty big presence at PAX the past couple of years and after getting some time to go hands on, it is pretty easy to see why. Firefall, developed by Red 5 Studios is a new breed of MMORPG combining first person/third person shooter gameplay into the deep RPG and customization features of traditional MMOs.


The gameplay is fast paced and is bisected into two areas: open world player versus environment and player versus player (PvE and PvP). While Firefall, like most MMOs, is built on seperate shards or instances to support the massive numbers of players, PvE in Firefall is a persistent open world that allows players to team up to fight and save the Earth from a cataclysmic event called the “Melding.” Built on a 1/10th model of Earth, players enter the world of Firefall by creating a character or avatar. Selecting a class is far more fluid, allowing players to change their role at will by selecting different battleframes (i.e.: assault, engineer, recon). Rather than leveling up like in a traditional MMORPG, Firefall features tiers which unlock customization options and perks for their battleframes. These can be collected, customized and accessed at any time by visiting specific terminals in the game world.

Every class has a jet pack and who doesn't like jet packs?

Every class has a jet pack and who doesn’t like jet packs?

PvP is supported through matchmaking where players queue up to enter a PvP arena or board. The landscapes are varied and the pace is frenetic as players run and gun using jetpacks to access sniper perches and control the battlefield. Red 5 Studios is serious about their PvP as well. Working to be a successful e-Sport, the RPG elements take a back seat to the shooter mechanics insuring your skills are brought to the forefront unencumbered by dice rolls and other stat-centric mechanics. Matches can be recorded and stored and replayed so that technical breakdown of matches can be done. Wonder what the best player was doing? Watch your own and other recorded matches like real professional athletes do to scout the opposition and break down their own performance.


Firefall is still in beta and growing steadily with new content coming from a development team that listens closely to player feedback through their forums. Firefall may be free to play but is not built on “pay to win.” Red 5 Studios has worked very hard to provide the most balanced and level playing field for all players involved. Their goal for Firefall is ambitious but it has helped them create one of the more unique MMO options for players looking to jump into a new MMO experience.

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