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Halo 5: What Did We Just See?

Written by Austin Griffith

Halo 5 was just announced, and with it came a very cryptic trailer. We saw a hooded figure walking in a desert of sand or snow, alone. The figure was wearing robes, presumably to keep him warm or hidden. Something started to happen in front of him, rocks began to float and he looked down at a dog tag on the chain. This wasn’t a dog tag though, this was Cortana’s memory chip. The figure pulled back his hood to reveal it was none other than Master Chief. This is very odd, considering we last saw Chief getting his armor taken off aboard the Infinity.


What did we just see?

Well, looking at Chiefs armor, it looks like it has quite the crack in it, something that wasn’t there at the end of Halo 4. This means that for whatever reason, Chief had to get off the Infinity quick, and there was a firefight when he did it. We also see that he still has Cortanas data chip, which means he’s still holding on to her for whatever reason. We know from the end of Spartan Ops that Halsey is working with the Elite’s to take out the UNSC after what they did to her, but we also know she had a sweet spot for Chief, so that’s something we might see come in to play.


We also have the question of where exactly Chief is. We know Earth is safe, so that rules out that possibility, and Requim was destroyed at the end of Spartan Ops. Could this be maybe a new world completely, or possibly, a return to Reach? After being glasses, everyone moved away from Reach, and we saw it being recolonized at the end of Halo: Reach, so that too is a possibility.

The enemy we see rising up from the ground looks to be something of Forerunner origin, but there’s nothing stopping the Forerunners from being on other planets, or possibly even the remaining Halo rings? There’s a lot that could be. The enemy itself also looks to take the appearance of a bird, so whatever it is, it’s not a Forerunner we’ve seen before.


My guess is that whatever happened to Chief, it had to do with the scars Cortana left on his mind when she was corrupted. We know he still has her ingrained in there from the Halo 4 campaign, and if he’s carrying her around it’s a pretty big indicator that he’s still attached to her. He’s quite possibly trying to find a way to restore her, and this Forerunner could be just what he needs to do that.

Halo 5 is launching on the Xbox One next Holiday Season.

What do you think is happening? Give us your best synopsis in the comments, if you manage to get it completely 100% right, I’ll give you something for the Xbox One when it’s released.

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Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith is LevelSave.com's Owner and Editor-in-Chief. He began gaming young with Pokemon Silver and Banjo-Tooie and hasn't stopped since. You can find him on Twitter @AustinG909 and on Xbox Live at iKarmakazi. You can email him directly at Austin@LevelSave.com

  • marty117

    hay i really want to know how could cheif have cortanas data chip when it got blowen up in halo4

  • Halo5follower

    The human-innie war was a daycare compared to the human-covonent wat, sure. But what happend to the innies after 2525 could they return in halo 5? You deside .-.

  • Name Here

    To everyone bitching, pissing and moaning about Killzone VS Halo; Please stop embarrassing yourselves by letting everyone know you don’t have enough money to afford both consoles. No one cares about your opinions anyways lol.

  • myfirstname mylastname

    its actually quite simple- the Didact has Cortana. And we all know- Cortana can’t be allowed to be captured- nor can the UNSC allow them to keep Halsey. The Chief needs to get Halsey so he can “fix” Cortana. The question is has the Chief gone rogue, in order to save Cortana?

  • NAME

    you talk about how everyone on the ship respects him but the crew were chosen for one thing, absolute loyalty to the spy organization O.N.I. nothing else and chief know’s classified Intel that would hurt O.N.I. doctor Halsey knows even more which is the reason they tried to kill her if the people of earth found out what she and Jul Mandana know they would rebel

    so by no means can chief be released

    by no means can Halsey be found

    by no means can anyone learn what ONI did to Jul

  • Roxasguy

    I think chief is just simply keeping Cortana as a dogtag. He might be trying to restore her, but I don’t think so. He’s just keeping it because he’s attached to Cortana. Just like we keep pictures of our dead family members.

  • itsgreigyall ///\

    Looks like Chief has gone rogue in this game, and he thinks that Cortana is still alive or that he’s heard of a way to restore her, all in all, this is a very cool plot idea, and I can’t wait to see what happens, and tbh, this game may prove to be a very big turning point in the lore of the franchise

  • gdk

    Guys it’s not earth or reach as there is a huge red planet or moon sitting in background. Looks awesome .

    • Arlen Cookiez

      by downloading the defiant DLC for reach, you will see how this planet can be decribed as reach, due to the large so lid spikes, which look exactly like that of the unearthed map. (firefight)

  • Stuart MacGregor

    I would guess that this could still be earth, as the portal was found in Mombasa and Mount Kilimanjaro is a giant forerunner sentinel theres’ no reason for this not to be left on earth. The Didact fell into the particle beam but you didn’t see him die and as the machine glowed with the red/orange of the Didact its very possible this is his new craft. Chiefs battle scars are most likely caused from a battle that happened well after the events of Spartan Ops as he didn’t participate in those battles. Then again like some of these trailers it might not mean anything.

  • Shankster

    Guessing the Forerunner machine is most likely a War Sphinx
    Plant could be Sanghelios have to say I’d love to see gameplay on the elites homeworld

  • Nanotech

    HALO franchise >>>> Killzone franchise

    Number of sales speaks itself. Please go back crying or complaining

    • RobsLegacy

      These are the comments that give Halo kids a bad name. Killzone is a good game, and nowhere, ever, including this article, have I seen it compared to Halo.

      • Admin

        What we mean is, Yes PS4 might of won the console war but did it win the best games? No. When I get the PS4 what should I play then? There’s nothing good.

        • David Blanco Camargo

          War Thunder for starters, Metal Gear Solid, and pretty much every game available to the Xbox One except some really hard-core exclusives like Halo 5 (but if the game is as cheesy as the trailer was, then I am not looking foward to it)… Y’know, kid, there is something more in the world than “Run’n’gun”.

          The halo franchise was good, the 4th game, while good, was not as lenghty as I expected it to be. And TBH the trailer for Halo 5 was Cheesy.

  • RobsLegacy

    I don’t get why he’s wearing that cloak in the first place. His multi-billion dollar suit, and he needs a light piece of fabric to shield him?

    • LopaMan

      He was hiding in the cloak as an unknown regular person to avoid enemy’s detection.

    • Reece

      Don’t wanna get sand in your Mjolnir. Might mess with its joints.

    • Admin

      Well I think he’s wearing a cloak cuz he’s a damn spartan in the middle of nowhere! :D

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