Halfbrick Sees Success With Fruit Ninja Kinect and Jetpack Joyride

Written by Nick Deuel

Long live gameplay!  Chief Marketing Officer Phil Larsen for Australian developer Halfbrick has just updated the sales for two of the companies biggest hits. First up Fruit Ninja Kinect, which has sold half a million digital copies and has been deemed a success by the company. As for the plans of the mobile version, the original Fruit Ninja on iOS, will be receive new content through updates rather than a full blown sequel.

The other breakout hit, Jetpack Joyride, has achieved success in its own right. Originally priced at .99 cents in the app store, the game went on to sell one million copies. Jetpack went free to play in December, receiving  770,000 download in the first day at its free price. Currently sitting at 13 million downloads the game has seen more success as a pay for play than the original alternative. “We just couldn’t hold it in any longer. We wanted more people to play it,” Larsen said. “We make more money now as a free game then as a paid game.” A major update to the game is scheduled to release soon.

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