Get a Free Year Gym Membership with Xbox One and Xbox Fitness

Written by Teresa Ryder

Who would have thought that a New Years Resolution should include more time with the gaming console? For Xbox One users big and small, this console has become an area of interest for everyone.

Carefully hidden within the workings and sparkly Apps of the Xbox One is something called “Xbox Fitness.”  This is a free App to anyone with the console and the Xbox Gold Membership. It is filled with 10-minute workouts from some of the industries best trainers. And for the more brave and motivated it gives you a couple 30-minute and 60-minute fat-burning exercises.

Some of the trainers involved are: Tracy Anderson, “Metamorphosis”, Shaun T, “Insanity”, Jillian Micheal, “Ripped in 30”, and a P90x Beachbody workout.

The app also gives the option to purchase other workout and longer workouts from those and other well-known trainers.

To get to the “secret” application just log onto your Xbox One and go to the ‘Apps’ button, click on that and you will see along side Internet Explorer down the list will be Xbox Fitness. According to the Xbox news website.

Log in and then enjoy the fitness that the app bestows upon you.

Keep in mind though, that this application is only free until December 2014.

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