EA Sports UFC Looks Incredible in Newest Trailer

Written by Barry Villatoro

EA Sports UFC should be coming out soon (no release date yet, just Spring 2014) and I’m pretty excited to check it out in person. Just from what we’ve seen so far, it looks at if EA’s Ignite engine will raise the bar for the franchise. It boasts a new locomotion system, full body deformation, obvious real-time damage and what seems most interesting to me, exertion.

Johny Hendricks EA Sports UFCIn many of the UFC games passed, your fighter would get tired from too much action and you’d simply have to take a break to regain your endurance. Not much would change except for your attacks causing a little less damage. Well that is still in play, but now not only will you cause less damage, your technique will actually become sloppy. Also staying real to the UFC, each fighter will exert themselves differently.

“Aside from being a lot more intuitive, we’ve also made it specific to fighters,” added Hayes. “At the end of a five-round fight that had an incredible pace, you’ll still see veins bulging out on Frankie Edgar, but you won’t see him sucking wind. Hector Lombard on the other hand might have to take some time off here and there otherwise he’ll be pretty tired by the end.”

via EA Sports

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