Dustforce update: Mac Version, Level-Editor, and Online Server

Written by Raven Poplar

Sweeping up the dust of evil, these dexterous janitors dust every surface until it sparkles. Since it’s release in January, this hardcore run ‘n sweep platformer has been missing some crucial elements. Namely the level editor, which has had a big “Coming Soon!” sign on it in the level selection screen for months! But also the lack of any kind of online multiplayer was missed on my end. Since I don’t have any friends brave enough to willingly venture forth into the world of killer dust bunnies and leaf elementals, I’ve had to fight the hordes alone.

But now fans of the genre (ninjanitor platforming dust ’em up) have both of these things. Even a level sharing site, which is a step beyond what I actually expected, is available for all new and existing users… And it’s all available on Mac! Woo!

Hitbox has another ace up their sleeves. They are decreasing the difficulty of getting new keys for unlocking levels. Up until now, you needed a perfect score in both dust-sweeping completion (getting all the damn dirt) and finesse (which has more to do with your parkour-related skillset.) The Brisbane-based team understand that newcomers might like a chance to play more than four or five levels, and have made the game more accessible by allowing imperfect runs to also unlock new areas while retaining the hardcore difficulty of acquiring the rare double-S rating for each level.

Here’s the video showing off the simplicity of the level editor.

I’m wetting myself a little bit, since my PC copy hasn’t updated as of the time of writing, but I have new pants.

Oh, and it will be 50% off beginning today. Pick it up for $4.99 instead of the usual $9.99 on Steam for PC and Mac.

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