Divinity: Dragon Commander Gameplay Trailer Shows Us Dogfighting Dragons

Written by Kaleb Steenmeyer

Divinity: Dragon Commander recently released a new gameplay trailer featuring two of the games testers going head to head in an all out strategic battle. The testers, Octaaf and Lorean, clearly know their business as they give an exciting performance, which is made all the better by the two live announcers narrating during the duel. This is a strategy game with lots of live action, some diplomacy, politics, and of course the dogfighting dragons. Divinity also features some sort of card game element involved in gameplay which isn’t really shown in this video, but appears to be part of the level up or attack systems. The video doesn’t show the behind the scenes pre-batlle requisites, but building your forces, acquiring new tech, and learning new combat strategy all seem to be an integral part of the game. Its a little hard to formulate an accurate understanding of all that this game entails from this video, as the testers are just beasts that play super fast and don’t leave lot of opportunity for the viewer to understand how they are accomplishing everything. It still looks pretty awesome, and the flying dragons annihilating the ground troops and battling it out in the sky, makes this title one to look forward to. Divinity: Dragon Commander is set to release on PC on August sixth of this year, and the special collector’s Imperial Edition is also available for free to anyone who pre-orders the game.

More information can be found on the Divinity: Dragon Commander website

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