Dishonored DLC Sneaking Up On Us in December, Two More Packs Announced

Written by Austin Griffith

Have you completed the supernatural assassin game Dishonored? Have you played through killing no one, not being spotted, and maybe even not killing any of the main targets? Do you have any interest at all in trading it in to fulfill your gaming urges? Well stop. No, it’s not hammer time it’s DLC time!

The first DLC for Dishonored has been announced to be a Dunwall City Trials pack, featuring challenges in your assassins ways and bringing with it new trophies/achievements, ten challenge maps to test your skills, an online leaderboard to see who can be the very best, like no one ever was, and hours more of gameplay.

Dunwall City Trials will hit Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam on an announced December day.

Bethesda today also announced that two more DLC packs will be bringing plague-ridden content to our lives, both in 2013;

The first pack has you control the supernatural assassin Daud and his troops known as “The Whalers” through story driven missions and settings, and the second pack being more story driven content to be further detailed at a later date.


This is all great and all, but it really poses the question: What would you  do with a drunken whaler?

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