Destiny’s Alpha Portal Website is Now Live

Destiny Alpha Website
Written by Austin Griffith

As Bungie has opened the floodgates to its new Destiny Alpha, showing it at both E3 and to a number of press outlets, they’ve also finally opened the doors to their new and improved Destiny portal on Bungie.net. The website for all things Destiny to come allows users to create and link profiles with their Destiny Alpha-linked PlayStation Network accounts, view and edit their player created Guardians as well as check their inventories and gear, navigate the humongous map of Destiny’s solar system (which currently only displays The Tower as well as Old Russia’s three playable areas,) join and create Clans so that you aren’t alone in the world of Destiny, as well as curate your selection of Grimoire Cards.

Grimoire Cards are the most curious of features available to users on the Destiny Alpha website, as we don’t really know much about what they are. From the looks of it Grimoire Cards are an unlockable item that you’ll earn points for throughout the Destiny universe, with each one serving as some sort of unique trading card that also gives you a nice piece of background history to whatever it pertains to.

We’ve provided some screenshots of the Alpha site below, but you can check it all out for yourself at alpha.bungie.net

The new Bungie.net is slick, pretty, and extremely functional. While it’s only in the alpha stages currently, much like the game, it’ll be an amazing tool to use once the game finally launches on September 9th.

We’ve posted our full hands on impressions along with a chance for you to win an Alpha code right over here. Go ahead and give it a read and let us know what you’re most excited to see in Destiny when it releases come September 9th, 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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