David Harewood Rumored to Star in Infinity Wards’ Next Call of Duty, Sources Tell LevelSave

Written by Austin Griffith

David Harewood, the English actor best known for his roles in Blood Diamond and Homeland, has been rumored as the lead role for Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty, according to a vetted source close to the matter. Call of Duty operates on a three year cycle, which slates Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty for a holiday 2016 release.

Harewood, who’s IMDB lists him as as currently doing work on “Grimsby,” certainly has the talent for the job given his prior credits and his apparent free schedule in the coming future. David Harewood has also done voice work for Battlefield 3 and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

LevelSave has confirmed these facts with our sources and is confident in the validity of them.

We have reached out to Infinity Ward and Activision for comment, and will update if we hear back.

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  • Black ops 3 will probably sell well because its made by Treyarch but then its time to close the shop nobody cares about those two other idiot companies that makes COD games. Unfortunately Activision will probably try to do another COD game based on BO3 success but it will fail.

    • nice opinion, but that is what it is. As long as people buy the games Activision will make them and, despite us old COD fans constantly moaning for nostalga, the userbase will still continue to grow and the title will continue to sell. At least for the next few years

  • Wow…so they go from Kevin Spacey, to some nobody that the average person would think is the Allstate Insurance guy.

    • At least its less desperate than using Kevin Spacey. I don’t think the average person gave two squats over Kevin Spacey being in a COD game. Either way, its incredibly lame in every way. COD developers are bent on trying to turn COD into a parody of itself. Its becoming a joke. Terminator COD this year with Treyarch, which is Laugh Out Loud comical. Next year we have the most plastic developers of all time in this new-generation of Infinity Ward, which only exists because of a team that isn’t there. You figure that the developers would want to give us a proper war game. Nope.

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