Upcoming “Cop Drama”, Battlefield Hardline, teams up with Interscope Records

Battlefield Harline Shootout
Written by James Rock

Battlefield Hardline, the controversial crime slathered take on EA’s Battlefield series, is looking to set the bar on creating a truly immersive storyline. One that pulls the gamer in and toys with the feels. Of course it takes a great team of writers, visuals, and relatable characters— but when it gets down to what your mood is during a certain scene in the game, the music is what gets you engaged. The team at Visceral Games has teamed up with KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records to bring Battlefield Hardline justice, a cops and criminal vibe that is.

Musician Jamie N Commons produced Karma, his hit new single, with Battlefield Hardline in mind, being a gamer and Battlefield fan himself. “I have been a longtime gamer and I could not pass up the opportunity to be involved with a franchise I respect as much as Battlefield,” said Commons. Jamie’s other single Jungle was featured in the first Battlefield Hardline trailer.

Steve Papoutsis, VP and General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer of Battlefield Hardline, said,

“With Karma, Jamie captured that gritty cop and criminals tone that defines Hardline, where not everyone is good and not everyone is bad, toeing that fine line of the law.”

Karma will be Hardline’s theme song, to “set the stage as gamers engross themselves on one side of the law or the other”. Papoutsis continued, “The music, and moreover the audio help create that emotional experience you want gamers to feel as they play in the world we’ve built for them.” Battlefield Hardline is set to take place in the streets of Los Angeles and Miami where a “gritty” tone will set in perfectly with cutscenes and gameplay, while gun-toting a shotgun on your shoulder of course!

Karma ('Battlefield Hardline' Theme) Cover

Purchase Jamie’s new single Karma (Hardline) on iTunes here.

About Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline will be available March 17, 2015 and will be powered by DICE’s newest and beautiful Frostbite 3 engine. A cop drama veteran cast of Alexandra Daddario from True Detective, Wendy Calhoun from Justified, and Benito Martinez from The Shield will accompany you through the emotional ride of this year. Pre-order your copy for last-gen and next-gen Xbox and Playstation consoles or PC.

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