A Different Kind of Strategy in Exploding Robots

Written by James Pope

Reverb Publishing has picked up yet another intriguing indie title, this time it’s a strategy game with AI that can adjust to your play style on the fly. Exploding Robots is using the latest generation of Golemlabs EHE system that allows the AI to adjust to you and do whatever it takes to complete their objective. Simply sticking to your guns and trying to use the same tactics repeatedly will no longer cut it as these robots adjust and make life miserable for those who are unable to think on the fly.

 Features of Exploding Robots include:

Multiple game modes including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill

Eight maps available at launch

Five unique robot classes – Bomber, Sentry, Engineer, Scout, and Spy

Groundbreaking EHE technology powered AI system, making for robots that adapt on the fly according to your style of gameplay

Improvements for your robots including experience, items, additional maps, cosmetics changes, with more updates on the way via constant support and expansions

Post launch tournaments, giveaways, and special items

We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to put together for Exploding Robots at this early stage in development, and bringing on experts in this space such as Reverb will only make the remainder of our journey that much easier, said Jene-Rene Couture, president of GolemLabs. They bring the same level of excitement to getting a game to market as we do in creating one, and that’s something we love to see.

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