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20 Questions with Battlefield 4’s Dan Mitre

Written by LevelSave
This weeks 20 Questions will be with Dan Mitre (Community Manager Battlefield EA) @dan_mitre

As I write this over 159,456 players are playing Battlefield 4 online, just about half the amount who bought the first console Battlefield back in 2005. Compare that to the 11.5 million copies of Battlefield 4 sold across the world you can see that the series has become a giant in the FPS world— if not the giant. While the Battlefield player count will always grow, is the connection between game maker and gamer getting better or worse? With all the social media avenues and posting abilities from almost anything and anywhere, you have to wonder, do these game makers want to be connect to us [any]more?

Staying connected to your players and knowing what they want and are experiencing while playing your game is key to building add ons and future games. The future of gaming is social media. Playing with your friends and showing off kills, plays, skills, and your moves has always been a driving factor in playing games. We all remember playing at home as kids saying, “look mom, look (insert friends or sisters/brothers name here) bet you can’t do this”. We all did it. Who did not call themselves king of GoldenEye or challenge someone to a 1v1 in COD, we all do it. Imagine if your killcam recorded the last ten seconds before and after your kill or death, and you could press a button to save that video for later, which you can upload/download from games menu later, or post to a linked media source. The possibilities are endless, all we can do is to keep communicating with each other and game makers to ensure that the best product is always in our hands.

Moving on to the 20 Qs with Dan Mitre [DM]

1) What is your favorite map to play online and why?

[DM] That’s a tough one, but I’m way into Final Stand’s Hangar 21. It’s futuristic, it’s a night map, and has the pod launchers. Epic all around.

2) Will the future include new maps too (not old maps)?

[DM] Can’t comment on that right now. However, we have been collecting answers for a Community Map initiative. Check it out here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/battlefield-4-and-the-road-ahead/

The Road Ahead post on Battlelog

The Road Ahead post on Battlelog


3) Bringing back old maps has always been something BF vets love to see, is this something we can expect to continue with BF5?

[DM] Can’t talk about that right now.

4) With the vote on old maps already public and making its rounds, can we expect to see more than one old map?

[DM] Can’t talk about that right now.

5) (from @DannyonPC) How many undiscovered Easter eggs are left?

[DM] Now that would be cheating… You’ll have to uncover them for yourself!

6) Does the Phantom Easter Egg program have a future? yes or no is fine here

[DM] It was a wildly successful program, and our developers love working on it. I don’t see why we wouldn’t do something like this in the future.

7) Love how we get a chance to vote for maps, can we do this for weapons and vehicle too?

[DM] That’s a great suggestion! I’ll voice that to the team.

8) If you could pick two maps to bring to BF4, one vanilla and one from the map packs what would they be?

[DM] What would you choose? Let us know!http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/battlefield-4-and-the-road-ahead/

9) What was your favorite map pack from BF3 and why?

[DM] Easily Aftermath. I mean… do I need to explain? >:D

10) Name one vehicle that is your go to when its time to mob with a group.

[DM] Honestly, can’t get enough of the sports cars in Hardline. Sh!t is wicked!

11) Mash up map, if you could merge two maps which two would you merge?

[P4D] Mine would be Davad Peak on top of metro match B to B. 

[DM] Oh, that’s a good one. Propaganda on top with a subterranean Operation Locker.

12) What has been your favorite Easter Egg? Megladon, Phantom, Yeti, ?

[DM] I love the behemoth that is Megalodon. Love calling that and seeing it own a dozen+ swimmers. Brutal.



13) If the public voted on and showed interest in a game mode could it be added to BF4?

[DM] We would certainly take it into consideration!

14) (From @snatchedboggs) Will BF5 be available for first gen consoles like 360 and ps3?

[DM] Can’t comment on that.

15) Can we vote on and add some new server settings in the future of BF4?

[DM] Your best bet is to voice your opinion and suggestions in the forums so we can relay that on to our developers who take it all directly to heart.

16) Your a BF player, what does the gamer in you want to know?

[DM] To be honest, I want to know how the industry will 1-up FPS games. I’m looking forward to seeing more socially engaging games that really create a tension between my friends and I.

17) What does BF want to know about its players?

[DM] We’ve always had a good ear to the ground. We want to know what players like and don’t like with each and every release. That’s why your participation in the forums, social channels, etc. is vital to development.

18) Customization is big, can we see an ability to totally customize our camos?

[DM] That would be awesome, eh?

19) If you had to pick one game that changed shooters forever, what would it be?

[DM] For me, personally, it was CounterStrike. That was my gate into the competitive FPS scene. I lived, ate, breathed CS, and even managed a CAL team for a while.

20) Name your favorite 3 BF maps and why?

[DM] That’s a tough one. I personally like CQC maps. Love the fast paced action… that might be my CS days coming out.

Thanks for reading folks, till next time plug in your mic and play with someone!

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