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Be Water: EA’s UFC Revealed at E3

Written by Taryn Beach

Anyone concerned about the inclusion of Bruce Lee to EA’s take on the UFC need not worry.  At their E3 press conference, EA showed off a live gameplay demo of a MMA fan’s dream: Bruce Lee hea- to-head with The Prodigy, BJ Penn.  The speed of Lee’s fists and his amazing athleticism was showcased perfectly.  The demo ran smoothly, picking up in the fifth round of what looked to be a brutal fight based on the residual damage the fighter’s walked into the ring with.

Penn takes down Lee and attempts a mounted triangle before Lee escapes and takes the fight back to stand up.  Lee executes an incredibly kick to Penn’s head after jumping off the cage.  Lee finally finishes off BJ Penn with a kick to the head.  The game showcased impressive visual fidelity with bruises and cuts clearly visible on the fighters and on multiple points of their body depending on the amount of damage dealt to each area.  UFC releases on June 17.

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