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DICE and EA announce Mirrors Edge 2

Written by Austin Griffith

DICE and EA today announced Mirrors Edge 2, the sequel to the much heralded parkour free-running story-driven game that released in 2008, and DICE has had real parkour artists come in and show them the nest ways to do things. The games slick white and black art style with hard color contrasts throughout the world holds true in the sequel, and while most of the gameplay we saw was conceptual prototypes, the team at DICE seems to be holding firm with what the fans know and love with the series.

Faith will be returning as the protagonist in Mirrors Edge 2, and while nothing is confirmed yet, it looks as if we’ll be seeing a wide selection of other runners as well.

No release date was given, but you can look forward to playing Mirrors Edge 2 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Outside of that, we don’t have any details on previous generation consoles.

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