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EA Teases new Mass Effect Game at E3

Written by Taryn Beach

Electronic Arts granted my wish this E3, teasing BioWare’s development on their new chapter in the Mass Effect universe.  The tease cut between monologue from producer at large Casey Hudson and clips of development work on the worlds BioWare is envisioning.  Hudson said they are going farther and bigger than ever before in this new Mass Effect project that will truly amaze players.  There will be more worlds and the amount of exploration should be massive in an all-new frontier.

Before leaving us, Hudson intimated that the BioWare Edmonton team is actually working on a completely new IP that will tell a completely new story.  It looks to be SciFi in nature that will focus on creating living and breathing unique worlds.  Considering the stellar resume that Hudson has, I am very excited to see what Casey’s team is cooking up in that Edmonton Studio.

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