Super Mario Run – Nintendo at Apple Event

Written by Austin Griffith

In a surprise turn of events, Nintendo made an appearance at the Apple iPhone reveal event.



Early on in Apple Sept. 7th Event, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, took the stage to announce, Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run is for all intents and purposes, an infinite side-scroller-runner. Marios automatically starts running in side-scrolling fashion all too familiar to a Mario Player. The inputs seem to be a tap to jump mechanic. The mechanic lets you overcome obstacles, stomp on Goombas, and even battle a friend.



Nintendo’s mobile strategy is becoming more and more apparent as we reach Holiday 2016. With a Mario game available on iOS you can see that the ambition of Nintendo was not just Pokemon Go or Miitomo-related. The app is paid, as Mr. Miyamoto stated, the app will allow for “unlimited” play in an effort to dodge the free-to-play comparisons.

It was announced to be out this Holiday, but no further details were given.


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