Pokemon Go for Apple Watch

Written by Austin Griffith

We were treated to a variety of gaming updates at the Apple iPhone reveal event.

It was a pleasant surprise when Shigeru Miyamoto gave us Super Mario Run, read more here. However, Niantic stole the show with Pokemon Go for Apple Watch.


Many Pokemon Go players and critics alike were under the impression that Niantic’s own accessory, the Pokemon Go Plus tracker, would be the only foray into shifting Pokemon Go off the experience on your phone. However, Niantic made a play towards the Apple Watch crowd by announcing a fully customized app for the watch. The app allows players to basically do all the interactions that would commonly make use of the phone and slap them on to your Apple Watch.

Pokestops, wild Pokemon encounters, distance tracking, egg hatching, and nearby status of Pokemon are all confirmed for the watch version of Pokemon Go. Niantic also includes a small, but notable addition of calorie tracking within the Pokemon Go app. When they first took the stage Niantic proudly boasted about the amount of distance actually travelled in-game, this fits the mood of Apple’s fitness outlook for the Apple Watch.


The Pokemon Go Plus accessory got an update on release date sort of. John Hanke, of Niantic, stated the tracker will be out later this month. However, Pokemon Go for Apple Watch is due to be released by the end of the year.



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