Dragon Quest Builders Demo Quick Impressions

Written by Austin Griffith

Rejoice, fellow Dragon Quest fans! A demo for Builders has dropped and is available for both PS4 and Vita!

I wrote down some notes about the demo during my three or so hours of playing:

  • Dragon Quest Builders is very much a Dragon Quest game. While it is not a turn based RPG like most games in the series, Builders still feels and looks like a Dragon Quest game. Everything from the monsters to the music to the exploration and discovery makes you feel like you are playing Dragon Quest.
  • I had worries that this game would too much like Minecraft, a game that I have played for hundreds of hours and don’t really feel like playing ever again. It is not. Builders shares some similarities with Minecraft but does not feel like Minecraft at all.
  • Hardcore fans of Dragon Quest that get really into the class system and maxing all skills and classes might be a little disappointed in Builders. At least in the demo, the combat is very shallow with nothing more than a basic attack. No spells, no classes, no party management.
  • Secret treasure chests!
  • The building is fun, easy and makes sense. Planning where each of the three rooms you have to build in the demo would go was a highlight for me.
  • Lots of inventory/chest management.


My overall impressions of the demo were very positive. If you are a fan of the series, Dragon Quest Builders is a must try. If you aren’t a fan, still, you must at least give the demo a shot.

Dragon Quest Builders is out October 11th 2016 in North America (October 14th in Europe) on both PS4 and Vita

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