Secret Ponchos- A Stylish Shooter Set In A Spaghetti Western

Written by James Pope

original_Kid_Red_conceptSwitchblade Monkeys is an independent group of Senior-Level Staff from Blizzard, Hasbro and Radical among others. When they decided to leave the world of AAA titles and corporate interference to make a game that would represent them as a team and bring all of the elements they love from all of their favorite genres. From this inspiration came Secret Ponchos, a shooter with that stylish Spaghetti Western flare.

Secret Ponchos is not your typical arcade shooter however, players will be able to choose from several unique outlaws all of which have their own  strengths, weapon types, special moves and play styles. Skill, timing and tactical awareness is rewarded as players use their weapons, melee attacks and destructible cover to outlast the other outlaws in either one-on-one duels or an all-out gunfight to the death with multiple other players. The game is coming later this year to console gamers but those who will be in attendance can get their hands on the game at PAX East (Booth 1031).

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