Jump Into the World of Aventuria With Memoria

Written by James Pope

SadjaMemoria is the story of princess Sadja of Fasar while also serving as a direct sequel to the original game, Chains of Satinav. Sadja’s story is to be interwoven along with that of Geron the bird-catcher as he meets up with a young traveler Fahi who promises he can return Geron to his girlfriend who was banished into the body of a raven. By Agreeing to follow Fahi on this quest a chain of events is set of that will send this one peaceful world into a state of chaos. Geron’s world has become a mirror image of a long-lost past of violence and dark magic and though it is not hinted at in the press release it would seem logical that these two characters will cross paths at some point in an effort to make things right.

Even though this is a direct sequel no knowledge of the original is required to jump right into Memoria. With hand painted HD environments, insane riddles and a beautifully inspiring soundtrack Memoria will be a title to keep our eyes on in the coming months. The game releases in Q3 of 2013 and Level Save will have all the information as it becomes available.

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