Nintendo Announces New Games, 3DS Software Update

Written by Adam Shear


Last night, Nintendo held another one of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts in Japan where they made some pretty nice announcements.

First off, Nintendo worldwide president Satoru Iwata announced plans to celebrate Kirby’s 20th anniversary.  Later this year, Nintendo will release a special Kirby game for Wii containing a few of Kirby’s previous adventures, all on one disc.  More details on this will be announced at a later date.

With the release of Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 in Japan on June 23, many fans were disappointed by the fact that the games are on Nintendo DS and not Nintendo 3DS.  Iwata announced two new Pokemon titles releasing for the Nintendo 3DS eShop.  The first is called Pokemon AR Searcher.  Pokemon AR Searcher is an augmented reality game where you hunt down Pokemon using your actual surroundings.  Some of the Pokemon you find in the game can even be transferred over to Pokemon Black and White 2.  Pokemon AR Searcher will release on the eShop in Japan on June 23, alongside the new Pokemon games.

The second is Pokedex 3D Pro. This second title is an updated version of Pokedex 3D featuring all of the Pokemon, including all non Unova Pokemon and even new Pokemon such as Black-Kyurem and White-Kyurem.  Pokedex 3D Pro will also contain new augmented reality features.  It will replace the current Pokedex 3D on the eShop will cost money when it releases in Japan on July 14.  Both Pokemon eShop games should arrive in the US this Fall alongside Black and White 2.

Next, Nintendo announced their plans for the next Nintendo 3DS software update.  The update adds two very important features.  The first is the ability to create folders on the home screen.  This will make it much easier to access games.  The second is the ability for games to receive patches or title updates.  Nintendo’s first game to receive a patch will be Mario Kart 7.  The patch will take away shortcut exploits that allow gamers to cheat.  The Mario Kart 7 update will arrive in the middle of May while the Nintendo 3DS software update will arrive on April 25.

Next, Nintendo confirmed that Animal Crossing for Nintendo 3DS will arrive later this year in Japan.  I would also assume it will be releasing this year in the US as well.

And finally, the biggest announcement was the quick return of Mario in New Super Mario Bros. 2.  The game was designed specifically as a pick up and play game that can be enjoyed by any kind of gamer.  The game will feature the return of the Tanooki suit in a side scrolling Mario game along with other new surprises.  New Super Mario Bros. 2 will arrive on Nintendo 3DS this August.

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  • UMM what?! So what about Wii-U? I will be upset it they dont do it! I think if they do it for Wii-U, they should do like Sonic Generations did so you can do side scrolling or like Mario 64 and run around the levels! Even include online multi-player!

  • I am really excited for Animal Crossing 3DS. I had a blast with the other games in the series.

    Hopefully this one will have more to do on the multiplayer side for if I ever get tired of the singleplayer part of the game.

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