Handyman Studios Taking Us To “The Edge of Space”

Written by James Pope

Reverb Publishing has taken on yet another indie title, this time it is Edge of Space from Handyman Studios. Players will be placed into whats being dubbed a 2d sandbox terraforming adventure game. After waking from a cryo-sleep players take control of one of the lucky men and women of ArkCo and find themselves in an uncharted world with endless possibilities.

Handyman Studios is thrilled to be working on our dream project of melding the vast reaches of outer space with terraforming, survival, and sandbox exploration, said Jake Crane, founder and CEO of Handyman Studios. Teaming up with Reverb on realizing our fantasies of cybernetically-enhanced laser sharks in space is definitely awesome.

We fell in love the moment we saw Edge of Space’s awesomely quirky sci-fi setting and deep gameplay, said Ted Lange, executive producer at Reverb Publishing. We really feel that the team at Handyman Studios has got something special here.

Check out the gameplay in action in this featured video!

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