Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream Coming to PSN This Spring

Written by James Pope

Giana Sisters PSNGiana Sisters: Twisted Dream is a retro-style platformer that is being developed at the German studio Black Forest Games. The title features us the player as we accompany 2 eerily different sisters throughout a  beautiful looking world. The sisters each have their own special abilities that will allow them to assist us both in solving the worlds puzzles and taking down the fearsome bosses that await the end of each level. As the sisters transform and utilize their powers players will see an ever-changing environment that can range from the most beautiful of dreams to the most terrifying of nightmares. Players will need to find the right balance of each if they intend on making it through to the end.

boss-GSTDSome of the key features that the team is speaking about include:

23 different levels spanning 3 separate worlds 

Players can either choose to speed-run through the levels or choose to explore every last corner. 

A unique and beautiful art style where each world is playable in either dream-like beauty or horrifying detail of your worst nightmare. 

Challenging puzzles in which paths will be blocked until the player transforms and beautiful flowers that transform into deadly thorn bushes. Even certain items which can only be obtained in one form or another. 

For all fans of the classic platforming style this is certainly a game that should be on their radar and one I will look forward to getting my hands on once the game releases in early Spring 2013.

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