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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Released on XBLA

Written by James Pope

Giana SistersThe newest contender in the platforming genre has emerged and today (3/20/13) players can get their hands on what is being called one of the most challenging platformers of this generation. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams features extreme platforming elements as well as the ability to alter the landscape of each level by using the varying powers of the Giana Sisters. Players will see the environment go from a beautiful and peaceful setting to a hellish nightmare at the push of a button. Using these elements and the insane abilities of our main character we will be traversing this mystical world in exciting and stylish ways. Check out the new launch trailer and keep you eyes peeled as the PS3 release is just around the corner. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is 1200 MSP and you can download the demo now.

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