From Copenhagen with love…and bullets. Hitman Preorder Sniper Bonus

Written by Kenny Rioux

So Hitman:Absolution is coming, and of course there are pre-order bonuses to be had when you purchase the game in advance from retailers like Amazon, and Best Buy, but Gamestop just may have one of the more kick-ass promotions I have seen in a while. Starting May 15th, when you pre-order Hitman:Absolution from Gamestop, you will receive a copy of Hitman: Sniper Challenge, a standalone mission that get right away as a download code through Xbox Live or PSN. PC gamers will have a code through Steam, though strangely, it won’t be available until August 1st. The mission itself has you taking out Richard Strong, Jr, head cheese of Stallion Armaments, as well as his army of bodyguards at a rooftop party from your distant death perch. Using the Kazo TRG sniper rifle, you will take out your targets using not only direct shots, but the environment around the gathering to kill creatively. Points are amassed using multipliers and hidden secrets that are all tracked via leaderboards, with monthly prizes to be gained for being the most efficient killer. After playing through it, you will be able to use the weapon as well as other unlocks in the main game when it ships this November.

Come November 20th the top sniper in North America will win a trip for two to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet the development team and have their likeness included in the next Hitman title. One wonders if this means that the next game will be a continuation of Absolution or a brand new story line.


So what about it guys and gals, are you getting this game? Post in the comments below!!!!

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Kenny Rioux


  • I have always loved Hitman (I just love killin’ quietly I suppose), even though the games were trial and error by design. It looks great and I cannot wait to get back to MURDERING FOOLS QUIETLY! :)

  • It is a no for me. Even though this game looks pretty great, the past two Hitman games have been disappointing. I might rent it sometime if it does really well but it is not a purchase.

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