Epic Games and People Can Fly Announce Gears of War Judgement, Coming 2013

Written by Austin Griffith

Today at Microsoft’s E3 conference Microsoft showed off the first trailer for the previously rumored Gears of War Judgement. This trailer gives us a lot of insight into the past behind Damon Baird and Augustus “Cole Train” Cole, as well as the two new additions to the series.

This trailer shows us the new (or old, depending on how you look at it) Colonel as he condemns Kilo Squad to imprisonment for Desertion, Cowardice, the Theft of Experimental Technology, and Treason. While it’s unclear what type of experimental technology was stolen by Kilo squad or how exactly it happens, this game is surely going to give fans hours of gametime.

Epic also discussed a class-based and Team Fortress 2 inspired game mode for online play, which we’ll update with more information on when it becomes available.

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