Daedalic Entertainment Introduces Blackguards

Written by James Pope

Wolf_ScreenshotWhen the team at  Daedalic Entertainment sat down to make their 1st ever turn-based RPG they wanted to craft something unique and powerful, and it appears they’re well on their way to accomplishing this goal. The player will choose to venture into the world as either a warrior, wizard or hunter and will have plenty of time to fine-tune their skills in battle. Blackguards features over 180 individually crafted battle areas each with interactive objects and strategic situations that will allow the creativity of the player to run wild.

Naurim_ScreenshotBlackguards is not your typical hero story. We step into the shoes of a convicted murderer who will be forced to rely on a team full of questionable characters as they join forces to rid the world of a dark menace. Players will face a litany of morally questionable choices that will shape the world around them in terrible and unimaginable ways. Party members range from a half elf named Niam and her drug addiction all the way to a perverted wizard named Zurbaran. Our “hero” will be forced to decide which of these characters can be trusted and which ones simply cannot. Deciding which of your party to place you trust in can arise both positive and negative consequences for both our party and the world in which they inhabit.

While there is no confirmation of which platforms this game will be available on the team has announced that it will be available for download in Q3 of 2013, which tells me it will start on the PC. More perceptive gamers and readers might notice that on the featured image of this post there are 3 letters which excite me to no end. In the bottom left hand corner you see PS4 hand written onto the picture. While the PS4 is not an official platform for the game it does appear that the intention is to get Blackguards there at some point. Level Save will have all the information on Blackguards as it comes in the future.

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