BattleBlock Theater’s Release Window Announced

Written by Austin Griffith

The Behemoth released the release window for its upcoming game BattleBlock theater today by use of a nifty sea shanty.

The guard did growleth as he pushed us out,
Catnip stanking up each breath.
“Your turn has come at last,” he mewed,
His eyes aglow with death.

In leaps and bounds, the course was run;
We gave it every ounce of heart.
So silently, the audience sat enrapt,
That thou couldst hear a kitten fart.

But when we came to that final jump
Promising freedom from my cell,
My companion, she did puncheth me,
And laughed loudly as I fell.

Falling, falling… I wonder now,
Won’t our imprisonment ever cease?!
Mayhaps someone will Spring my friends…
Mayhaps they near Release!

By Prisoner #10321

So, it looks like all signs are pointing towards a Spring Release date, which would make sense considering the beta for the game will be beginning soon. They’ve also announced to be showing the game in March at this years PAX East in Boston, MA. Why don’t more companies release information through shanties? It’d make press releases a lot more fun to read…

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